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Using GPT offers is a great way to go for people looking to put some quick cash in their pocket. It is quick and it is easy, but there are a few important tips and tricks that you will want to know in order to make sure your GPT Offers credit, earning you the money you deserve. Heed the following GPT tips, and you are sure to make a killing using GPT sites. Make sure you go to the link section and find all you need there.

1) Create an email address (gmail or hushmail). This will be the email address to submit while using GPT offers. If you don't use a new email for each offer you will have a lower approval rate and get loads of spam. Hushmail offers a quick easy way to create a new email. It only takes seconds. With Gmail you can add a period anywhere in an email address and, it basiclly makes it a new address. For Example: You could use or Any combination of periods will give you a unqiue email address for each offer and keeps you from having to create new ones everytime.

2) Do not race through any offers you do. Make sure they are done correctly. You can download Roboform to fill in all the infomation with one click. Also if you press ALT and the + key at the same time you can fill all the No's in at once. That will have you lots of time

3) After you complete an offer, try to leave the browser for a few minutes. This can sometimes help to insure that the offer credits and that you are paid.

4) Always make sure to clear your cookies after every offer you complete. It only takes all of about 4 seconds to do. Download CCleaner. You can select certian cookies to not delete like you email or other sites.

5) If you decide to do the paid offers (a good idea as they will pay you more, 10 even 20 times more) I always suggest getting a prepaid credit card. from somewhere like Walmart. It is safer than using your own credit card, and this way you can avoid the hassle of trying to cancel a charge that shouldn’t be there. That scenario is rare, but better safe than sorry.They normally pay over $10 to trial a product. Read the Terms first and I just cancel after a few days then get PAID!

Here is a link to a video I made on how to compete an offer.
Click Here

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